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It's Official! "Apt, A Creative Incubator" Has Been Revealed!

Hey! A short time ago a press conference was held at the "APT, A Creative Incubator" to reveal the collection of creative spaces to the Fargo-Moorhead community- and the whole event was so, so exciting!

Here's what WDAY had to say about the occasion:

Kilbourne Group and the Arts Partnership revealed a ‘creative incubator’ in downtown Fargo Tuesday, Feb. 14. Called APT—which is not an acronym—the collaboration is a mix of artists’ studio and spaces for workshops, performances and other events. ... ‘Kilbourne Group gets excited about the artists in our community coming together to create new and unique experiences,’ [Kilbourne Group General Manager Mike] Allmendinger said. ‘We are grateful to Fargo’s artists who contribute to the city through works of art and creative approaches to problem solving.’
— John Lamb, WDAY,

You can read more of WDAY's coverage of the event here!

And you can view video of the ribbon cutting ceremony that followed the press conference at the creative incubator below!

What a wondrous, wondrous and totally amazing honor it was to be asked to participate in this unprecedented and vital, vital experiment and its reveal!

Truthfully, I was pretty much completely, completely speechless during the whole affair!

APT Ribbon Cutting Press Conference_2.14.2017.jpg