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The Cover Art and Design for "Believe in Everything, a motivational book" has Come Together!

Hey! Well how do you like that!

(To be honest, I do hope that you like "that" or what this article is about a great deal!)

Below you can take a peek at freelance illustrator Marco Zucchetta's commissioned artwork that has been integrated, incorporated and united with the overall design for the upcoming collection of , "Believe in Everything, a motivational book".

Believe in Everything_Front Cover_3.22.2017.png

I do believe that the cover art and design is "working" really, really well!

Thank you very, very much Marco for applying and contributing your skilled, skillful and expert gifts to this venture!

Now, it seems as though that all that is left is the compiling and editing of the original "Believe in Everything, a motivational blog" post that will comprise this upcoming published work.

I sure will attempt to make those tasks go as quickly and efficiently as possible!